ŞANLI BİTKİSELwas established in 2011 with the aim of wholesaling the companies that produce with its rich product range in Istanbul .

Our company which adopts customer satisfaction and quality, supplies products to 1,500 points in Türkiye. The company, opened Herbal Products Facility in the middle of 2013, has product varieties about 60. The facility is equipped with the latest technology with an area of 1000 m2. We produce and market natural herbal tea, herbal oils, herbal paste, herb, spices ve herbal cosmetic products. While our professionalism provided by our experience increases our success day by day, it strengthens our strength for new investments in the future. In all production process, we foreground offering economic and rapid solutions for collaborators. 

Our products are delivered through exclusive wholesalers and marketing firms all over Turkey. Our products are maufactured as convenient to TS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and ISO 22000 food safety management systems. Thye are produced under hygienic conditions in accordance with Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Turkish Food Codex.

As ŞANLI BİTKİSEL, we offer products to our customers who want to have a strong place in the market with our understanding of global scale quality. Using the latest technology, to become a brand that produces the most natural health products. In line with the demands and requests from our consumers; by doing researches and product reviews provide you with the best possible way.

Our mission is adopting healthy and quality of life principle, opening to all developments in the world, adapting rapidly to all change, preparing a professional work environment for its employees, not compromising product quality, keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront, evaluating sources in Turkey. We attaches great importance to be an institution that determines long term strategies with high investment in research and development activities.

In the process of transformation of the plant (from soil to plant), we use productive technical infrastructure successfully. We make exemplary investments in line with the sustainable development made with the latest technology devices and systems with the engineers employed in R & D Centers, who have adopted the philosophy of our chemists in accordance with the working dynamics and focused on innovation.

Contract manufacturing is based on a special contract between the manufacturer and the brand owners. In this context, the manufacturer provides R & D, P & D PRODUCTION and LOGISTICS services for the products of the brand owners. In this way, outsourced brand owners reduce production costs to a minimum, avoid the inconvenience and waste of time to install the facility, do not have to devote time to certification studies and concentrate all of its energy on marketing efforts.